Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dad Chimes In

Hey everyone, I thought that I would take a turn this week with notes from the Y zone. We had our first Christmas in San Diego since moving here nine years ago. We were visited by Angie's mother, step-dad, sister and brother in law. With their help, we now have nursery! Katie and Carol painted and built the furniture. We reorganized the garage and spare bedroom to make space, and finished in time for Christmas. Pictures will follow when the room is officially done.

I felt actual baby movement for the first time this week, so I know that the little bump around Angie's midsection is a baby and not just gas. I would say that I would have seen it at the ultrasound, but I spent most of that visit with my eyes close in an attempt to avoid seeing the baby's goods, which apparently he/she is more than happy to show- A LOT.

Christmas was great and we are so grateful for all of the help. Hope everyone's New Year is great, and I look forward to writing more blog posts in the coming months.

Daddy G

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's a . . .

BABY! Ok, lame joke, I know. But I had my ultrasound today. All went well. We managed to keep baby's gender a secret even though the wee one kicked off the the ultrasound with a his/her best spread eagle shot. Luckily we weren't looking, so the secret is still safe.

So here are the photos:

This one is the baby's face
This one is of Filbert/Fifi's tiny little feet
This one is a side view with an arm up
I had the coolest dream the other night. I had a dream that my belly was semi-translucent and that if the baby was turned a certain way, that I could see his/her face. It was the most beautiful little face! Sure beats my terrifying nightmares from a few weeks ago.

Can you believe we're almost 1/2 way there! See you in 20 more weeks precious baby!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's been a busy day! First we had a doctor's appointment and then a doula interview. At the visit with the doctor, we immediately heard the baby's strong heartbeat and then it was suddenly gone. The doctor said that babies often don't like the sound of the doppler and move quickly to get away from the noise. It took the doctor a while to find the baby again, but we did. He/she moved from a few inches under my right ribs to way down by my left hip. Hope he/she doesn't get used to all that room. It will soon be cramped quarters. Speaking of not fitting, check out the last hurrah for these jeans. They will be soon retired to the pre-pregnancy clothing bin. Here I am at 19 weeks.

Next Tuesday is our big ultrasound. Stay tuned for new photos of Filbert/Fifi!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I wonder what the over/under on this gamble is!? I just found this website that guesses the baby's due date, gender, vital stats, etc. Sort of like an office pool, but with out the need to gamble on it. Feel free to join in the game!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

More crazy dreams and Belly photo- 17 weeks So last night I dreamt that the family was all in Hawaii for some vacation. I was pregnant but yet I decided to go surfing, a hobby that I've hung up for the next 5+ months in real life. The water was warm but there was slushy ice in it and the waves broke well past the shoreline onto the street. Ahhh, the things this child is doing to my subconscious. :-)

Back to reality! . . .Here are my next belly photos. I'm noticing that my baby belly is no longer hiding away when I lay on my back, it stays in full view. Good times! I'm wearing my very slimming "Due in May" shirt. You might not notice I'm pregnant.
Until I give you the side view!

Yesterday I went to my twice a year dentist appointment. When it came time to leave, I went to make my next appointment, six months from now. That took me to 3 weeks after my due date. Crazy to think that by that time we'll have the little one here with us! Life is about to get very different.

Well, its been rainy here in SD today, so I went to prenatal yoga and we've been decorating the house for the holidays. They'll be here before we know it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What it feels like to be baby!

Here is a link to an interesting article that gives you an inside look as to what babies, newborn to 6 months old, see, think and feel. It's very interesting!
Vivid Dreams
Through my pregnancy I've had very vivid dreams. Usually totally absurd but in great detail and living color.

Last night I dreamt that I went on a vacation up into the mountains with my Dad, my Papou (for those of you who don' t know, my grandfather died when I was 13), and a slew of other people, my old client included. So, random group of people, up in a big cabin surrounded by huge pine trees. We were there for several days and when it came time to pack up and leave, Papou was in a huge hurry. Dad was very disappointed because he didn't want to leave early, but he had to because of Papou.

When we were ready to leave, we went to a small cliff overlooking a huge river. We just jumped in with all of our belongings. It was very warm and refreshing and we calmly floated down the river until we got to where our cars were parked. We all got into our cars and drove away.

What will my crazy pregnant brain think of next?

Friday, November 23, 2007

11/19/2007 Rockin Baby!
So I've been feeling the baby move around for the past week or two. Recently it has gotten stronger, feeling like a mini-kick boxing class. Last night the baby was really rockin' and rollin' so I ran over to Brendt and put his hand on my belly. We sat still for a minute and sure enough, baby performed on cue and gave Dad two swift kicks. Needless to say, we were both excited.
11/14/2007 Dr. Lafferty Visit
Went to see Dr. Lafferty today. We heard Fifi/Filbert's booming strong heart beat. It was nice to check in to know that baby is ok. I'm feeling a bit better now that I'm out of the 1st trimester, though I am still haunted by the random vomit now and again. Oh well, at least I'm not exhausted all the time. I started prenatal yoga this week. It is a very gentle class, but it is a good stretch. It's also fun to feel like I have time to connect with Fifi/Filbert and to see other women at all stages of pregnancy. Not to mention it makes my hips and back feel better. I started showing a bit the beginning of November (check out the belly album) and I think it's finally becoming real for Brendt. He's started talking to my belly and getting into reading up on carseats, cribs and the like. Next month we'll have our big ultrasound! Can't wait to see Fifi/Filbert again!
So here are my 15 week photos. Looks Like I ate too much at the buffet!! :-)

10/10/2007 Baby's First Photos!
Today we went for our first ultrasound. It was exciting to see the wee child in there, with his/her little heart beating. From here on out I will call the child Filbert or FiFi because that is what Brendt and I are calling her/him right now. Just testing out the names. In any case, I know it looks like a ink blot test, but that's my baby! And Filbert is measuring a week bigger than expected. :-) Great, 20lb. baby on the way. Hooray!

9/13/2007 First Dr. Appointment
Yesterday I went to my first dr. appointment. It was a short meeting with a nurse, where they took another pee pregnancy test. 4th test, still positive. Hooray! They took blood for a variety of tests and then gave me pregnancy 101. It wasn't anything shocking, but I'm sure to some it is a necessary little bit of education. My next appt. (Oct. 10) will be with a nurse practitioner and will involve an ultrasound. Very exciting! It's just a few days before we go back to Arizona and start telling family!

Ok, so the photo looks like a Jenny Craig Before Photo, but really, there is a baby in there!
9/13/2007 Morning Noon & Night Sickness
So this week I've started feeling more nausea. Sometimes it's just a little stomach flip that I can keep under control and other times its all I can think about. For the first time today I actually gagged. BLAH it happened to be while taking my asthma med and then again later when taking my omega vitamin (smells like fish, not too shocking). I'm so happy to be pregnant, that I'll forgive this little annoyance. I'm sure it's just one of many to come. Looking forward to trimester 2!

Ok, so begin retro posting. So much has happened since I last blogged, but all for the best. Biggest news is that we're pregnant. I'm transfering over my journals from, so the post dates on Blog spot might be off.

Today we found out that we were pregnant. After being 3 days late, I decided to take a home pregnancy test in the morning. There was the faintest of lines, so I was a little excited, but cautious. In the evening after much encouragment from my BabyFit friends, I took a 2nd test made by a differant company. This one was much more solid. Hubbie and I went out and had a nice dinner. We toasted with pro secco and he drank it all. Guess I'd better get used to that!

Look! Evidence! Brendt made me take 3 of these before he'd believe it was true.