Monday, November 17, 2008

No time to say goodbye, hello!

In the words of the White Rabbit, I'm friggin busy. :-) Lots to do before we go to visit AZ for my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary (yikes! 65 years is a long time), Thanksgiving (that blessed American festival of feasting) and my sister's coed baby shower (think burgers and beer, not cooing and cucumber sandwiches).

So since I don't have time to wax poetic on some fun photos we've taken in the past few weeks, I thought I'd just get them up for you all to view!

First is the photo of Mary who was kind enough to put sweet Kai to sleep at Julie's baby shower.

Up next, Kai, heading to his first Steele Canyon High School football game. Go Cougars!
Next comes the adorable Brian, son of my friend Diana, who had a blast pushing Kai all over his house in his wagon. He repeatedly had to stop to oil the tires with his matchbox car gassing station gas pump. Too cute!
This past weekend we went to our Goddaughter Kimmie's birthday party. It was at a deluxe jumper place called Pump it Up where kids can bound and jump to their heart's content. Kai got a little bouncing in, but was mostly wide eyed with the wonder of it all.
Here is a photo of one of the silly things that amuses Kai. Why do we buy toys when he is thrilled by being put in the laundry basket (honestly there is a basket under all the clothes)? Ok, maybe it helps that mommy sings a silly song when he is in the basket. Don't worry, I'll spare you my singing. :-)
And lastly, here are Kai's passport photos. Yes, Kai needs a passport, because this spring (fall there) we'll be going to our friends' wedding in Australia! Brendt and I are VERY excited to be able to make it to Sam & James's nuptials and to introduce Kai to koalas and kangaroos!

Yes, I know how ridiculous this photo is. :-) But isn't he ADORABLE! What country would turn this face away?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My little Kewpie Doll?

So I posted this photo to Facebook the other day and my friend said,
"Your baby looks like a Kewpie doll." Not knowing what one was, I did a quick Google search,
and in fact, my baby looks like a Kewpie doll! Yikes.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mom & I Rock the Vote

Today Kai came with me to cast my ballot in this historic election. I welled with hope, thinking of all the elections to come, where I will bring my child with me to show him the importance of participating in our democracy. Our hope for him is that he will understand the power of his voice in this process and take advantage of every opportunity to express it (in voting, not in teenage defiance-a mom can wish can't she?).

On a lighter note, yes, those are clothes hanging on the wall behind me. Our polling place this year is normally a clothing store.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Yoga Moms!

On Saturday, we had a little party with a bunch of the women that I did prenatal and Mommy & Me yoga with. There were kids aged 9 months to 6 weeks, and one 3 year old named Sicilia. Some were born within just days of Kai and we've managed to stay in touch.
It was great to have people ahead in pregnancy to learn from and to be able to help those who were behind too. Now it is fun to see our kids and their development, share the joys and laugh at the frustrations.

We had a fun little potluck and we were all supposed to bring our little ones in their Halloween costumes, but it was so hot, most of us either had to alter the costumes (Reece wore his SuperMan cape and his mom wore the rest of the costume) or didn't wear them at all. Look at the beautiful Veda flower! She got into her costume on once it cooled off a bit.

I can't wait to see them all running around soon! Thanks Jeri & Andy for hosting us!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Last night Ryan and Maya came over to visit for a while before they headed out for the Halloween festivities. We had hoped to get some pics of the kids in their costumes, but it was far to hot to actually put them on. Instead they wore them more like capes. :-) We think they're cute anyways!

After the sun went down, we got Kai all ducked out and sent him around with daddy to say hello to the neighbors. Our sweet little duck was sound asleep before dad got home with him 10 minutes later and slept the rest of the night! I think he grew another inch over night.

I was amazed, we ran out of our giant CostCo bag of candy before 8:30p! More likely from greedy teenagers than from masses of trick-or-treaters. It is sad how different it is from when we were kids.