Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Big Night Out- Oooh, Spooky

It feels like Halloween has turned into a weekend of fun festivities. Personally, I'm ok with drawing out this holiday (thought he sight of Christmas stuff in the stores in September freaks me out). It's great to see the holiday through the view of children. This year we went out with the Londons and the Styles. The Styles hosted us and invited thier parents and my Dad & Esther over to see the kids off on thier Halloween adventures.

Kai has learned not to go into peoples houses when they open the door, instead he held up his pumpkin and said "Thank you". After a while, he got the hang of the "trick or treat" and then added the "thank you".

Fiona came along for the walk. One women insisted on giving her peanut M&Ms.

Kai was alternating between the funny giraffe (as seen here) and the "pooky" (aka "spooky) giraffe.

Fiona had a little snuggle time with Papou.
Even the grown ups got into the fun. Brendt & I were Zoo Keepers and Toby was a bear.

It was a fun night for all.

At the Pumpkin Patch

Last month we went to Bates Nut Farm. It was a lovely drizzly fall day when the weekend before it was over 100F there in Valley Center. We met up with the Kaschade family and had great time. I love fall!
This blond pumpkin in the wheel barrel is going to to be EXPENSIVE. :)

Fiona loved the giant pumpkins.

Max is all business about his pumpkin selection process. This one passed the test.
Kai wanted to take all the pumpkins home, bu he finally decided on one.

Happy Halloween!

Thought I'd share a few photos of what we're up to on Halloween.
Kai & Fiona with their Jack-o-lantern.
Kai didn't want to get his hands in the squishy pumpkin insides. He said it was yucky.

But Fiona seemed to like her orange friend with one more tooth than she has.