Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We spent the holidays here in San Diego. Grandma, Papa, Nana & Grandpa came to visit. Unfortunately Brendt, Kai and I all came down with nasty cold. As I write this, Kai is sleeping in Nana's arms in the glider because he doesn't wake himself coughing when he is sitting up. Poor baby, but TGFG (Thank Goodness for Grandparents!).

Despite his illness, Kai manages to shine his smiles, winning the hearts of millions (ok, maybe hundreds), sharing the true meaning of holidays "Joy"!

Here are some new pics that we took of Kai. . . more to come soon!

Kai's latest developments:

  • Kai is ALMOST crawling. Mom & Dad beware! He loves to stand too, so we're trying to encourage him to crawl before he runs.

  • Kai has 4 teeth, 2 top, 2 bottom, with another 2 on the top emerging any day now.

  • It's hard to tell, but we THINK that Kai might be signing "dog" and "milk". We could be imagining it, but so be it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Has it really been a month?

Yikes! A month between posts? I'm a bad blogger. Oh well. Moving on!

Last month we went back to AZ for a variety of celebrations. First we celbrated the 65th anniversary of my granparents. Can you imagine 65 years!? Most of my family made it out to celebrate the event. It was great to see the boom of babies in the family (cousin Ayden was born 2 days after the event) and to have more time with all my mom's siblings and a lot of my first cousins.

We raced down to Tucson and celebrated Thanksgiving with the Gideons. The 8 days that Kai and I spent in Mesa really reminded me that it is nice to have longer periods of time to visit our families. A fly by the seat of your pants weekend is just too exhausting and quality time is few and far between. Soon we'll have to take a longer trip to Tucson too.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we celebrated the pending arrival of my sister's baby with a co-ed baby shower. "Babies, Burgers and Beer" was the theme complete with relay races, a baby name March Madness game, and a Nacho fountain that got a little stopped up. :-( Oh well, the beer was tasty and the burgers were superb! It's hard to believe that Katie & Josh's little lady will be here in 7 weeks! More cousins, so exciting.
Here are a few photos of the week:
Kai with Cousin Megan, just days away from delivering Cousin Ayden
Katie holding Megan & Chris's son Ayden, Welcome Little Ayden!
Katie preparing to be Queen Mum to her little princess. . .

Kai with his 2nd cousin Brett who was born the day after him!

Kai with his 2nd cousin Axenia