Monday, January 26, 2009

And he's off!!!!

Kai started crawling on Saturday! Hope you enjoy the little low res. video clip. Gotta run! Lots of childproofing needs to get done!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Licence to Ride

Not so interested in crawling, Kai loves standing. Even better if it can be on something that moves. . .

Our sweet boy, out for a nice ride. . .

He is a lean mean, diaper wrecking machine!

Thanks to Ernie for lending us one of his Harleys and to Cousin Amy for the Harley duds.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

He's Cruisin'!

Kai has figured out how to pull himself up to standing and how to scoot along holding onto things. My goal was to get him in the bath, his goal was to STAND! :-)

And look how proud he is of himself!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Babies, Babies everywhere!

Since November, we've had 5 people in our family have babies. Last weekend we were able to meet one of these new family members on a quick trip to Tucson. Yes! We drove back to AZ for a 2nd weekend in a row to go meet the 1 month old daughter of Kara & Jason Stanford, Brendt's cousin. Kherington is a beautiful little girl! She is already over 10 lbs and is really strong for her age. Kai and Maya found her fascinating. This is a good thing, because in just 2 short months there will be a new cousin/sister for those kiddos! It was fun to see all the Wilsons and Gideons as we weren't able to make it out there for Christmas.

Here is a photo of the three boys, Jason, Ryan & Brendt with their little ones! My how the family is growing. . .

Here is a photo of Kai with his Great Grandfather on the Wilson side, Papaw.

And Maya is a little annoyed that Uncle Jason is wearing her tiarra!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Mom! New Hat!

Last week Kai was fitted with his new "hat". This helmet (called a band by the experts) is intended to help round out his head that is a tad flat on the left side (plagiocephaly). Right now the doctor thinks that he will wear it for 3-4 months (wearing it 23 hours a day), but we are hoping that with the additional osteopathic treatments he is getting it will be shorter. We're really excited that there was a visible difference within the first few days of him wearing it.

For Kai it was as if we put him in a baseball cap. He has had no issue wearing the helmet right from the start. It is not tight on him and doesn't irritate or hurt him. This little boy is overflowing with joy and smiles, and a little hat won't change that. This condition is also totally cosmetic and he has no developmental issues. It is simply a result of the "Back to Sleep" campaign. Dramatically fewer kids dying of SIDS has resulted in more kids with plagio. There are increasing numbers of kids in Kai's situation; you'll definitely start to notice kids wearing the helmets in your area too. We are now on the lookout for fun surf stickers to jazz up his chapeau.

Welcome Cousin Addison!

On Friday, January 9th my sister Katie and her husband Josh welcomed their first child, Addison Grace Powell to the world. We got a call from Katie at 7pm on Thursday night that her water had broken and Kai and I were on the last flight of the night to Phoenix at 8:30pm. Addison arrived a month early, so we were just starting to think about getting prepared to make a run to Arizona. :-) Nothing like necessity to make things happen! I was in the delivery room with Katie by 3 hours after her phone call to me. Addison was born at 4:30pm on Friday, weighing in at a tiny but mighty 4 lbs 9 oz. Brendt drove over to Arizona to join us later on Friday evening and we were all able to enjoy the weekend with Katie, Josh, Addison and the whole family. Two weeks later now, and Katie and Addison are doing great! Addison has been steadily gaining weight and becoming stronger every day. Katie says that Addison is already showing some serious neck control and that she gained a 1/2 a pound in the past week, so she's broken the 5 lb. mark! Hooray!

In the rush, I neglected to bring my camera with me, so this phone photo will have to suffice until we can get back (very soon) to visit the Powells. Check out our new little peanut! You'll notice that Kai has the, "Hey! What about me? I'm in this photo too!" look on his face.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Here we go Chargers!

Welcome to the team little Carter!

We had a few friends over on Saturday to watch the Chargers game. Go Bolts! :-)
There almost as many adults as there were kiddos. Julie DeDe brought over their 2 week old little girl Carter (seen with Tobin here- Papa DeDe got tickets to the game!). Eliana was most curious about the littlest one.

Here are Kaelyn and Kai looking like they're up to no good!